Here’s your invitation to a complimentary two-part Coaching Package worth $497.

Part One: The ‘Path to Success’
– a series of questions taking you on a personal journey through the key areas of your Business. It raises questions and issues that you may not have considered before and your answers will form a very good basis for subsequent discussions.

It normally takes around 30 minutes to complete, depending on how well you ‘know your Business’. It helps identify your main challenges, so that we can both be aware of your top priorities for when we talk.

Part Two: One-to-one Coaching Session
– review your ‘Path to Success’ (by phone or webinar) with Anthony McGloin, Master Business Coach. This is usually a powerful session as we explore your Business and show you how to overcome your challenges. At the end of it if we both agree that it’s worth taking things further, we’ll arrange a second session to discuss things in more detail.

Find out why Business Owners around the world say that taking advantage of this special offer is “the best Business decision they ever made”.

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