“An eye-opening & brilliant MasterClass!”

Anthony & Julie McGloin are recognized Business Growth Experts and leaders in the field of small business success.

They are co-owners and founders of Straight Forward Success, a highly respected Business Coaching and Training company based in Santa Barbara, California.

Featured on TV and Radio to audiences of millions, their track record stretches across continents and decades, transforming the lives of countless Business Owners.

This book shows you how to fix the fundamental flaws that destroy businesses… and how to use simple, proven strategies to make more money and become more efficient. See chapter titles below.

E-Book: $10 USD

1.  Can I REALLY Double my Profits in the next 3 months?

2.  Two Marketing challenges that are costing you a small fortune

3.  Define your Target Market …or DIE!

4.  The Fundamental Flaws of ‘Traditional’ Sales

5.  Why Time Management doesn’t work!

6.  Online Success! The Top 10 Mistakes to avoid

7.  Creating Referrals, Repeat Business & ‘Raving Fans’

8.  Team Recruitment, Retention, Training & Development

9.  Systemizing Your Business with Effective Processes

10. 3 month Cycle of Success Through Achieving Goals